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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Exclussive kwa akina dada MUHIMU usome:TEN THINGS ON HOW TO KEEP YOUR MAN

1. KNOW WHEN TO BACK OFF: Many Ladies assume her affectionate attention is welcome by her man until he asks for a little space. Guys like to know their girls have lives of their own, so schedule time for yourself, away from him, with your girlfriends.
2. CONVEY YOURSELF TO YOUR MAN: Instead of holding in your emotions and thoughts about the actions and words of your man, just tell him calmly and not aggressively. He will appreciate this MUCH more than he would if you kept your thoughts to yourself and used them against him later. Men are not mind readers,so tell them what is going on. Punch him in the arm if it comes to that. This sort of release will make you seem far less unpredictable and moody.
3. DONT ASSUME THAT DOING NICE THINGS FOR YOUR MAN WILL MAKE YOU LOOK SUBMISSIVE: This is a big one, and it is especially effective if life is starting to take its toll. The simple act of doing him a favor or two does not make you a submissive woman, but rather a caring one. If he has had a stressful week at work or a rough string of midterms, wait until he has some free time and make it nice with his favorite meal. If he comes home and looks absolutely ravaged, collapses on the sofa and exhales deeply as though the weight of the world is on his shoulders, bring him a beer or soft drink and let him tell you what is wrong. General kindness, without him asking, will work wonders on the mood of the man and allow him to associate the resulting happiness with none other than the caring woman who made it all possible.
4. DON'T LIE ON YOUR THOUGHTS OR WHEREABOUTS: Do not lie to your guy about where you are going, or what you are thinking of. If he asks you, he wants to know, so tell him. Use discretion however. Do not tell him you were thinking about that one thing Your ex used to do in bed. But if you just brush it off with a light nothing or say something that is obviously a lie, you will only drive him crazy, and not the good kind of crazy.
5. DON'T USE SEX AS A WEAPON: Finally, do not think about withholding sex. You should learn how to surprise your man and keep things Alive in the bedroom. keeping the chemistry alive will definitely keep your man happy.
6. BE LIKE BEFORE: Continue to do what you did when you started the relationship. Too, many times people become content in their relationship and fail to realize, all it takes is to continue what you did from the start and add on to it. No, I am not saying do not do new things I am saying continue to do old and add a little new. There is always room for improvement. Trying new things should be fun at the same time you have to realize your partner and you are not going to always agree on things to try.
7. BE IN CHARGE OF THE HOUSE: Men want a woman in the streets and a dare devil at home. He wants a woman that can do it all from take care home, business, and him. Why is home different from him. Well, just as children need their special attention men and women needs special attention from their partner. Because you are washing, cooking, cleaning, or a professional woman does not mean you are taking care of your man. He needs the same attention you want him to give you. Do what you did for him when you first started to date. Give him a sweet note in the morning or call him and tell him you love. Sweet nothings are the best and cheap.
8. BE SMART: Women please keep yourselves up, because you have been with this man for an extended period of time does not mean he want to see you in that old T.Shirt every day. Sometime it is fine. Go to bed in nice lingerie. Of course your beauty attracted him in the first place. KEEP YOURSELF UP.

 What you do not do, someone else will. Creativity is a must. If it sex then give him, if it is a movie night, give it. Whatever the case is give and be creative. What goes on in your bedroom is sacred. What you do is not for your friends. A lot a time that is why there are so many problems, cause rather you realize it or not your man is suppose to be your best friend.
10. COMMUNICATE: Without it there is nothing. Learn how to communicate. Screaming at one another is not communication. Talking and not listening is not communication. You have to listen and realize you are not always right. It is not who is right or who is wrong, it is really important to know how your man feels. Do not have a conversation when angry. Good communications carries you far. You need to learn how to communicate.

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