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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Fahamu: Haya ndiyo mambo 11 ambayo unatakiwa kujaribu kufanya kabla haujafa!

11.) Walking on the wing of a plane – United Kingdom
Wing Walking is the act of moving on the wing of a plane in flight. People are strapped to the top of a plane, and are actaully on top of the plane when it is in the sky. In some cases, people are not strapped to the wing of the plane and they even do handstands. They are professionals that are trained in doing so.
Wing Walking
If Flying in one of these planes wasn't crazy enough..
10.) Volcano Boarding – Nicaragua
Volcano boarding is exactly what it sounds like. You sit on a board, and slide all the way down a steep volcano. While traveling down the volcano, people hit speeds of 25-40 mph. The world record was broken by an Israeli woman as she dashed down at 54 mph.
Volcano Boarding
Who needs snow?
9.) Zorbing - North Wales
Zorbing is the act of rolling downhill in an orb, generally made of plastic. This almost doesn’t sound fun. The ground usually has some bumps in it which makes it more fun for the person that is zorbing. If no natural bumps are available, people actually make bumps to add excitement to the course.
Zorbing down a hill
Zorbing seems fun but sickening
8.) Ride Insanity – Las Vegas, Nevada
Extending 70 feet over the edge of the 1,149-foot Stratosphere tower, Insanitity is one of the worlds craziest rides.  You sit in a safely designed seat, and you are lifted up at a 70-degree-angle. Not to mention the ride reaches speeds up to 40mph. It is arguably the best view in all of Vegas.
Las vegas insanity ride
A view from inside Insanity
7) The Cage of Death – Australia
Its attraction website describes the experience as:
“The ultimate face to face encounter commences as you are lowered into one of three crocodile enclosures, gradually becoming submerged in the very same waters as some of Australia’s largest crocodiles.”
Basically what it is is a tiny tube that you go in, and it is submerged into waters that contain really big crocodiles. They actually try to eat you, but luckily the tube is strong enough to withstand the beast’s powerful jaws.
cage of death in australia
The Cage of Death
6.) The Zambezi “Gorge Swing” Death Drop- Zambia
The Gorge Swing is one of the longest cable swings in the world.
After people are attatched correctly, they usually take the running start and plunge hundreds of feet downward which eventually develops into a swinging motion.
More daring people decide to approach the Gorge Swing with a “Death Drop.” This means that they stand backwards at the edge and are released unknowingly. You are suddenly dropped into a adrenaline packed free fall.
Gorge swing in Zambia
This guy is crazy!
5.) Having diner in the sky- multiple locations
Dinner in the Sky is a restaurant which uses a crane to host its diners. The crane lifts the outdoor restaurant 150 feet into the air. They enjoy their meals and drinks as they float high above the ground. It was called one of the most unusual restaurants in the world by Forbes Magazine. This type of dining is available in 15 different countries and some of the most famous cities including Paris and Las Vegas.
Dinner in the sky
People enjoying their dinner while dangling from a crane
4.) Walking on the edge of the CN Tower - Canada
The CN Tower is one of the tallest towers in the world. People can pay around 150 dollars to be harnessed safely to the tower and lean over the edge while they walk around its perimeter. This has become one of the most famous attractions in Canada since it came out.
CN Tower edgewalk
CN Tower Edge Walk
3.) Rescue a Hostage – United Kingdom
Have you ever wanted to be a hero and rescue hostages? If you are a big fan of crime investigation shows or hostage negotiation movies, this attraction is perfect for you. Your “Special Ops Team” will be trained and given an assigned mission to follow. Your main goal is to save hostages from a terrorist group. You are given realistic weapons that shoot blanks, and the environment is set up to be as realistic as possible.
Rescue a hostage in united kingdom attraction
Rescuing hostages must feel pretty cool
2.) Wingsuit Fly – Switzerland
Wingsuit flying is the sport of flying through the air using a special jumpsuit, called a wingsuit. This suit adds a huge increase in the lift when you jump from a plane or a cliff. It is almost like you are gliding in the sky the same way as birds do when they have their wings spread out. The suit is sometimes called a “birdsuit” or a “batsuit.”
Wingsuit flying
Wingsuit flying
1.) Fly your own Jet Plane – multiple locations- MigFlug
At MiGFlug, you can fly your own Jet Fighter without having any flying experience at all. A very experienced pilot will train you for a couple of hours and give you a run down of the basics. After the pilot takes off, you are able to control the plane and even do some crazy manuevers with the plane.
Fly your own Jet Fighter Plane

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