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Monday, 24 September 2012

Haya mambo Kenya sasa yanakuwa kawaida: Binti amekili kuwa ni Muathirika wa HIV/AIDS na amesha ambukiza vijana 90 mpaka sasa.. soma hapa

 The following is a revelation of a University of Nairobi second year student on Facebook.

I don’t know whether I should be doing what am about to do but anyway I just have to. I saw your page and since you command large audience I’ll share my story.

 I’m a 2nd year medicine student, UoN. I joined college and had all the freedom, partying like I always wanted. I have got the looks and the body so many men are attracted to me. This made me to have up to 6 guys, currently. Don’t know but just love them both.

Wote ni students at UoN, 1 is a SONU official, another lower Kabete, 1 Chiromo and others in main campus. I have played so well and haven’t been caught in fact they still don’t know. I’m not after money I come from a well off family, if anything they get my money. Now the problem is, on Thursday I went to the VCT in tao and was shocked when found out am HIV+ even now am still in shock, am disturbed I’ve been in my room ever since, tricked my parents am rolling.

 I feel like my head is bursting, I know am wrong but I don’t use CD with any when having sex, we start then end up not using after sometimes! I don’t know who gave it to me, but I know we both have it as we been having sex always. I am a sex addict and this why! I’m regretting everything my life is in a mess. I decided to go public with this since I don’t know how to break this to any of them, but I hope they read this and go test and have stress like me.

 My fear is it must be spread since 3 of these boys are popular with girls, ni hunky. I’m so hopeless; my C4 count is low as the doc. tell me and was told to go back on Tuesday. I am stressed also got drunk and had sex with this gal she did me with her dildo. Don’t put my name and email address hii nimetumia

This confession comes barely a week after a Moi University female student released a list of more than 90 male students he had infected with HIV/AIDS.


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