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Monday, 17 September 2012

Huku Ndiko Dunia inapo elekea: Jamaa akamatwa na Maiti ya mtoto ndani ya Begi lake .. Shuhudia

The incident happened at Tipper garage near Gwarimpa in Abuja, Nigeria. He was arrested on a tip off while another source said that the conductor of the bus he entered asked him to bring his suitcase so it can be packed properly  in the bus he was entering and the man refused. The conductor got suspicious and inquired to know what was inside the suitcase but the man refused to say. As he was trying to leave the bus, the conductor and others in the bus seized the suitcase and found the dead boy inside.
God help and save us from evil men and women on the prowl.
There is no more details on this, but as soon as anything comes out, I will let you people know.

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