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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Kutoka EGYPT: Baba ambaka mwanae wa miaka 15 na kumpa mimba, sasa anataka kufunga nae ndoa!

A 15-year-old girl in Egypt was brutally raped by her stepfather after her mother lost her battle with cancer. 
The girl got pregnant after being repeatedly raped by the man who had married her mother about two years ago. Her mother died after fighting for her life for about a year, reports Al Youm Al Sabea’a newspaper. 
The girl was living with her stepfather after her mother passed away as she had nowhere else to go. One day, he simply barged into her room and raped her. He kept on raping her and even promised to marry her. 
However, the stalemate continued and one day she went to consult a doctor after she suffered terrible stomach cramps. The doctor told her that she was pregnant. 
After hearing her story, the doctor advised her to go to the police and file a complaint. 
The stepfather was arrested and the girl was sent for a medical test. 
The man first pleaded not guilty and then told the police to release him as he loved his step daughter and planned to marry her. 
The man has been charged for sexual abuse of a minor girl and awaiting trial.

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