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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Kwa akina dada: Haya ndiyo mambo unayo takiwa kuyafanya unapo taka kupata kile unacho taka kutoka kwa MPENZI wako.. Soma hapa uelimike!!!

Women have the power in a relationship, many of us just do not realize it yet. From massaging his ego to making him believe he's in charge (even when he really isn't), women can apply positive and efficient steps in order to get what they want from their men.

In a relationship between man and woman, it can be expected that there will be episodes of misunderstanding and arguments between the two. This is because man and woman are two similar, yet different beings. There are certain qualities in a woman that may also be found in a man and vice versa. Nevertheless, their differences from one another often serve as a wick of quarrel between the two.

For a woman who simply wants the best for the relationship, their different perspectives and qualities can be frustrating to deal with; especially if these differences make it difficult for her to get what she wants or needs from her man. 

Apparently, there are ways that a woman may be able to get her needs and wants from her man; despite their clashing differences through some valuable tips.

You need to show your man what kindness resides in your heart. Being kind is thought of by many people as a weakness, but to be kind requires more strength and courage than being cruel. If you will be kind to the man you love the most, he will develop a greater liking for you. He will want to be with you and will make him want to give what you also want in order to be with you.

Do not nag at your man. If you have the chance to watch a talk show on television, perhaps you know that one common root cause of arguments and problems in a relationship is when the woman nags at her man a lot. Women who nag admit that they do this in order to relay a clear message to their men, but there are other effective means of communication than nagging.

Remember that nagging is only appropriate for people who do not anymore have control of their lives. Nagging is done by people who feel too desperate. If you want your man to do something for you, then realize that nagging is not the right way to make him so. If there is one reason that will push him to do what you want, then it is his love for you. Thus, what you can do instead of nagging is to lovingly communicate your needs; nourish and treasure his love for you so he will be motivated to serve you.

Show him that you are worthy of his time and effort. Men and women alike certainly invest their hard work and dedication on something and someone they know are worthy. Therefore, you can see that worthiness is two-way. You do something for your man because of various reasons: because he nags at you; because you are afraid of his anger if you do not follow him; and because you simply love him and wants to fulfill his needs. In the same way, you man will do things you want without the need of being asked, if he also loves and adores you. Do something that will make him happy and he will also do the same to you.

If your man does the things you want, then always be able to reward him for his efforts. Everyone needs reassurance from time to time. Your man will know that you value his efforts through the rewards you give him. From a simple casual peck on the cheek, a passionate kiss or a bedroom surprise, your husband will certainly love it. He will continue to do things for you because he knows he will be quite rewarded for it.


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