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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Peace of Advice to all Ladies out there: Before you have SEX with that man.. you should understand These! Read now

I know am going to piss of some people here but can we talk about this here for a second? You know why there is more pain for single ladies than single men? 

See understand something my brothers and my are projectors and women are receptive. In other words, they release and women get an impartation. My sisters, all of you looking so beautiful, and yes you got men coming after you but none of them ever last. Do you know why? …. I found the answer in the Bible.

Because according to the Old Testament, men lose strength every time he sleeps with a woman especially if  that woman is not their wife. Every time a man sleeps with you, you are getting a deposit.

 Marriage is not going doing a wedding; our mates are selected in the spirit. Once you have had sex with a man what happens is the spirit of that man steps in your body...and you two become one person.

You become one with every person that you have slept with. when you ask God why you are still searching for a husband, according to the old testament, the truth is you have been married too many times. Every time you slept with somebody, you married them in the spirit. That’s why you cannot find a husband...because you got married to all these men but you never divorced any of them.

There are a whole lot of people out there who do not have nobody with you, but you are not single. Now come on do not be mad girl, let me help you here. All them Tony, James, Andrew and John ...they are still in you. You are not single and that is why the Lord cannot bring your husband to you.

In order for God to start bringing someone else into your life there is got to be room in you. Now when you start getting single before the Lord, you start getting clean before the Lord from the spirit out.

All the flashbacks you get in your mind of how it used to be with so and so that are their spirit inside you. And God will not mess up a clean brother's spirit mix him up with you when you got so many other spirits inside you. You are not single yet. You are not ready for marriage yet. Until you get delivered in your spirit, from all the men you have been with. Think twice before you sleep with a man who is not your husband. The devil is a liar sister; God is calling us for accountability & deliverance today from the insider.

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