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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Shocking: Woman (83) confesses to eating HUMAN FLESH, SEXUAL organs found under her bed

Emganwini residents in Bulawayo witnessed a shocking incident when an elderly woman (83) allegedly confessed before her family that she eats human flesh and apparently several human sexual organs were discovered under her bed.

The woman, Gogo Anna Nngadimeng Moyo allegedly divulged that she had two goblins that slept with her children. 

She added that the evil creatures were responsible for the death of her two daughters and their husbands.

Moyo also confessed to being responsible for most of the deaths in the family lineage, bringing the total number of the killed people to 63!

Moyo who comes from Mtshatshani area in Gwanda revealed  that she was tired of being a 'darkness princess' and needed some help. 

The matter came to light when Gogo Moyo's goblins had allegedly started terrorising her family by burning them after failing to get the attention they demanded.

"We travelled all the way from Gwanda after realising that we could not continue staying at our homestead. 

'Everyone from the family was ill and as you can see some unseen things have been burning our bodies. 

'One evening, our church members decided to come and hold an all night prayer session at our homestead. 

'During the session, gogo started screaming saying she was tired and needed to die. Upon being quizzed, she directed people to her bedroom where dried private parts were discovered hidden under her bed," said her daughter Nngadimeng.

After the incident, staying at the homestead became a nightmare as goblins DECLARED WAR  against the family forcing them to run away. 

"I was trained by my elders and I am sorry that I had to pass this family thing to my grandchildren whom I had started working with, without their knowledge.

'I have two goblins, a male and female. Their names are Khekhethu and Didiphu. At night we would go to the GRAVEYARDS where they (goblins) would dig and we would eat the human flesh before cutting out the dead peoples' private parts. 

'These sex organs gave us strength and whenever we faced challenges, the minute we pointed at the person using the privates, we would win the battle," narrated Gogo Moyo.

She added: "The reason why all my sons and daughters never got married is because they had to sleep with my goblins, Khekhethu and Didiphu. That is the reason why your (referring to her children) spouses passed away. I am tired of this life, only death can save me," she said.

Family members said they were shocked by Gogo Moyo's revelations but it 'all made sense to them'.

"We have been through a lot as a family and we hope to get help as we believe we have suffered enough," said the visibly shocked son.

The family said after the healing session and deliverance of Gogo Moyo, they would return to their homestead where a cleansing ceremony would be conducted.

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