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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Somo la leo: Fahamu sababu zitakazo kufanya uishi maisha ya upendo na Furaha uwapo katika ndoa na Mahusiano na mpenzi wako..

Gratitude guarantees future performances in any marriage or relationship. If you are thankful for small things in your relationship or marriage, you will attract big ones. If you recognize little efforts made by your spouse or potential spouse, you will see great results. Great relationships and successful marriages are powered by a continuous flow of Gratitude.

When individuals in a marriage or relationship decides to continuously focus on appreciating one another’s efforts, results and good works, gratitude becomes a lifestyle.

Wrong perspective and perception can negatively affect your sense of gratitude. If you learn to see the cup as half full, it will someday become full. But, if you always see the cup as half empty, it will one day become empty.

Beware of Ingratitude! It destroys the foundation for any healthy relationship and destroys the bonds in most marriages. It is powered by comparison, insensitivity, envy, and disregard for your partner’s sacrifices. It also creates the atmosphere for complaining, murmuring, frustration and discontent. Ingratitude if unchecked can trigger break ups and divorces.

I pray for you that, God will increase your capacity to express gratitude. As you begin to appreciate the little things that people do for you, with you or to you, you will begin to attract extraordinary things. You will not fail, you will fulfill your destiny!

By Sam Oye - Founder/Senior Pastor (Harvesthouse Int'l Church)

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