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Monday, 24 September 2012

Why WOMEN are obsessed with MEN’S PHSICAL LOOKS

All over the world, women pay a lot of attention to a man’s physical appearance. Basically because it’s closely linked to male hormone levels, and they tell you a lot about how he might behave. 

Some of the physical differences are so subtle that no-one comments on them directly – but we still respond to them subconsciously. Like for example a man’s ring finger is usually longer than his index finger, while women’s are usually about the same length. Go on, check yours!

Finger lengths also vary from one man to another, and a big difference between ring and index tells you that a guy’s testosterone level is high. High levels also make his bones heavier and his face more masculine. He’ll be more competitive, dominant, brave and willing to take risks. And more successful with women – if the number of his partners is anything to go by. But they also make him less faithful, less likely to marry – and more inclined to divorce if he does! He’ll also be less likely to help raise his own children, and more likely to treat women badly.

And yet nearly half of all women say they find the physical signs of high testosterone levels in a man very attractive, at least at some time in their lives. The classic ‘tough guy’ figure for example. Why’s that? After all, if high male hormone levels make a man less faithful, and less kind to women, you’d think women would dislike masculine looking men. But they don’t. So if you find that you’re suddenly attracted to the tough guy look, be careful! 

Your subconscious may be about to lead you astray. Because along with that feeling of attraction, you’ll also find your values have changed! Just as suddenly you’ll find you’re willing to consider a short term relationship, willing to have sex sooner in the relationship, to be less concerned about love and commitment, and even to have more than one partner at a time.

And surveys suggest that more women are feeling this way! Maybe that’s because they’re feeling more independent – or because high testosterone men do have a few advantages! Like they’re much more exciting and have a higher sex drive! The relationship’s always filled with adrenaline – and there’s always that wonderful feeling of having him standing next to you rather than with some other women.

And it also seems that women are genuinely attracted to men who’re willing to take risks. They prefer male bravery to kindness. Kindness is rated highly in friendships. But in sexual relationships, bravery wins every time.

Not only that, but women clearly prefer guys who are brave and selfish rather than guys who are brave and kind. It sounds strange, but it’s true.

Maybe it’s because a brave, risk taking man is a better bet in a competitive world. And while kindness is nice, it won’t help a man rise to the top. So women are attracted by the features of a man’s appearance that suggest he’ll be a winner. Characteristics he’ll pass on to his children. Even if that also means he’s not likely to stick around for long!

Chris Hart-Love and Relations

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