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Thursday, 6 December 2012


A mother is accused of selling her minor daughter for $500 to be the wife of a deranged man, according to police reports.

A 12-year-old girl from Guizhou, a southwestern Chinese province, was sold by her mother for 3,500 yuan or about $551 to a family who needed a wife for an allegedly mentally deranged son.

The girl, named Jia Jia, was sold in August of last year in her hometown in Pingba County to a woman surnamed Xu in Guiyang, the provincial capital.

She was forced to have sex with the 30-year-old son of XU until her uncle rescued her a year later, according to the local Chinese newspaper.

The mother, surnamed Cai, gave birth to Jia Jia when she was 15. Her uncle took care of the girl but Cai was taken from her uncle in August last year, claiming she had to go work in a restaurant.

Both Cai and Xu denied knowing it was illegal to trade people.

Xu told reporters: "I was eager to find a wife for my son and I did not know I was breaking the law."

The two women were arrested for trafficking and Xu's son was arrested on charges of rape, according to the report. The son of Xu told the newspaper that his mother forced him to sleep with the girl.

A medical examination revealed that the girl had been sexually assaulted at a young age and may be infertile as a result, according to the report.

After discovering Jia Jia had been sold, his uncle called the family, saying that his grandfather was ill and insisted that the girl go. When Jia Jia arrived home in August, the uncle refused to let her go.

He called police when Xu, her son and other relatives tried to abduct her.

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