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Thursday, 31 January 2013


Are men all the same? This article will show you why men are not all the same, but they all have the same predator nature that makes them seem to be all the same…
Many times I have received messages, emails or rants from women saying that men are all the same! Well… men are not all the same at all. In fact women are much more similar to each other than men are.
For example:
When you ask a woman what she really wants in a man, they would usually say … confident, caring, funny, attentive … etc… Women usually agree on what type of man that they want.
Now, if you ask a man what kind of girl he wants, they either don’t know… or it will be completely different to what another man wants in a woman. In other words, men usually don’t agree on the types of women that they want personality wise.
The only thing that men do agree on however, is physical appearance. So if I say to a guy “What do you look for in a women?” He might say,”a tight ass, nice boobs and a pretty face”. All men will agree on that. But if I asked, “What about personality wise?” It is most likely that it will be completely different to what I or another man wants in a woman.
So men are not all the same in what type of girl they want personality wise, however, they are all the same when it comes to physical preferences.
So here is the point…
Women attract men through their physical appearance. So when a man notices an attractive woman, his predator nature automatically comes out and he thinks “I want a s*xual relationship with her” …
Thus, you will most likely receive the same types of attitudes from most men, when he is in front of a gorgeous woman; His desire to be with a beautiful woman
If a women meets a guy and she is dating him for a few weeks, the guy is actually trying to see if the girl is the personality type that he is looking for…if he is not woe’d by her personality, he will stick around for physical appearance I.e… s*x. He will lie for s*x and play games for s*x.
So the only reason why most men seem the same, is because they all respond the same to physical appearance. But the moment when a man likes a woman for her personality, he becomes totally different to all other men. (You may have seen this phenomena before lol)
If you can find a man who is deep enough to look past physical beauty (meaning physical beauty is not only what he is looking for), then you will meet a different type of guy who actually responds personality wise.
That is why it is so important for a guy to say to you ‘you are beautiful’ when you are not wearing any make-up. It proves that he likes you ‘for you’ and not just the way how you look. Thus, he becomes the man you truly want him to be and is totally different to every other man. 
The key to Instantaneous S*xual Magnetism For Women is that you become so comfortable in your personality that it becomes the dominant factor of who you are.
It allows you to express yourself and become the fun confident woman you desire to be… and thus, men will respond to you in powerful ways because your personality shines through. 
It won’t be the predator side that you bring out of the men you want, it will be the real authentic personality side that becomes interested in you, then once that happens, you can choose which guys you want to keep and which guys you want to get rid of… In other words, you will turn boys into real men, not just men who are only after one thing.
Most women are taught to use either physical looks or physical s*xuality for power in the world, but this could also turn men into mindless robots. If you can use the power of personality, s*xual confidence, self esteem and charisma… then men will look to please you and make you happy, because you give them what they truly want… ‘emotional stimulation’ not periodical s*xual stimulation, like you were told.

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