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Monday, 22 April 2013


Eyong Oscar, 22, killed, roasted and ate the seven-year old class four pupil on April 1, 2013.
More than 7,000 curious onlookers held hostage the population of Egbekaw village in Mamfe, headquarter of Manyu Division, South West Region on Tuesday April 2, 2013 when news spread that a 22-year old youth, Eyong Oscar a.k.a Okoso, had killed and eaten up some parts of a seven-year old boy.
Oscar’s victim, a class four pupil, hailed from Fongo-Etonge, Dschang, West Region.
According to the Divisional Officer for Mamfe Central Sub Division, Ignatius Ekale Netonda, the regent chief of Egbekaw with some notables sought for the DO’s assistance after uncovering the crime. He mobilised the forces of law and order to the scene where mutilated human parts were discovered. The mutilated parts including a roasted skull were deposited at the Mamfe Mortuary after confirmation by a medical team.
A man-hunt was put in place immediately and ‘Okoso’ was tracked down by 4 pm on Wednesday April 3, 2013. He was whisked off to the Mamfe principal prison where he is detained and now awaiting trial pending investigation.
D.O. Ekale recalled that Eyong Oscar admitted committing the act, when quizzed by security operatives. He said he captured his victim at about 2 pm on that fateful Monday afternoon of April 1, 2013 after fooling his unsuspecting victim to follow him to fetch mangoes. Away now from sight, he strangled his victim, hid the corpse, came back home, collected a cutlass with which he used to butcher the corpse into small bits.
He roasted all of the meat, dried some and parceled it home for his feast.
At home, Oscar cooked and ate some of the flesh with “eru” which he bought but the skull was what was to bring him problems. It was not well dried so had started smelling. He told members of the family that his catch was a red deer and his sister’s insistence to see the red deer earned her a “snake beating”.
As he noticed unusual movement within his family circle, he hurriedly loaded the remaining flesh into a black polythene bag dumped it at a dust bin behind the house and disappeared.
In search of what was smelling, his parents stumbled on the scaring content of the bag in the refuse bin and alerted the village authorities who contacted the Administration. Oscar told his interviewers that he had his first contact with and eating human flesh in Nigeria when he ate human flesh disguised as dog meat.
He said after eating the human flesh in Nigeria, he was told he will have commanding power over human beings. Oscar’s ill-fated victim is reported to been sent by the father to buy a razor blade before he met his untimely end. The victims dress and pant and shoes were all discovered in Oscar’s home.
Meanwhile the ripped intestines have been buried in Egbekaw while the other parts have been taken to Fongo-Etonge-Dschang in the West Region for final burial.
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