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Monday, 22 February 2016

#Top10 : Hii ndio List ya Maua 10 mazuri kulipo yote Duniani

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Flowers are one of the most beautiful gifts that we got from nature. There are approximate 270000 types of flowers are around the World. Some flowers only bloom in specific seasons or even after decades. You will see here, Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World.
Middlemist Red
Middle mist
The Middle mist is one of the most beautiful flowers in the World, which is available only two countries, first is New Zealand and second is house garden of the United Kingdom. It is mostly looks like rose flower founded to be in deep pink color. A nursery man John Middlemist brought this beautiful plant from China to UK in 1804, After that middlemist flower completely washed out from China.

Jade Vine
Jade Vine
The Jade Vine has claw shaped beautiful flowers which grow approximate 3 meters. It is a rare flower in the family of pea and bean. The natural pollinators and constantly changing environment conditions makes it as a rare flower in the World. This flower can be only seen in the rain forest of the Philippines.
Corpse Flower
Corpse Flower
It is the largest and smelliest flower around the World which can be only found in few Islands of Indonesia. The Corpse flower only blooms in every 30 or 40 years and its leaf grows up to the height of approximate 20 feet. It appears to be green outside and dark red in inside.
Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers
The Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers are mainly founded in London and Europe areas. It is the rare member of the orchid family, which is very rare to find out the combination of yellow and purple. It is almost 3/4th parts are yellow and all remaining parts are in purple color.
Chocolate Cosmos
chocolate-cosmos - Most Beautiful Flowers in the World
The Chocolate Cosmos is another most beautiful flower in the World and Mexico, which has a red and brown color. This beautiful flower commonly blooms at evening time in the end of summer, but today only one clone of Chocolate cosmos exists. The chocolate cosmos areas are also protected by law. The Mexico is an also popular as a beautiful honeymoon destination in the World.
Parrot’s Beak
Parrot's Beak - Most Beautiful Flowers in the World
It is the curvature of flower like a parrot’s beak makes the plant more beautiful that bring its name. It has bloomed in the spring season in the full sunshine. This beautiful flower found on this world native to the Canary Islands. Today’s only a few members of this species exist in the World, which is fully protected in Canary Island by law.
Ghost Orchid
Ghost Orchid - Most Beautiful Flowers in the World
The Ghost Orchid is a spider like a beautiful flower which is mainly found in Cuba and Florida. It is only cultivated in some areas where the environments suitable for its proper growth. The Orchid can’t make its own food with the absence of ghost. It is in bloom for three weeks between April to August. This flower also produces soap like odor during the blooming time.
Youtan Poluo
Youtan Poluo - Most Beautiful Flowers in the World
It is a very tiny, beautiful flower which is produce odor like soap. The mysteries behind the growth and linking with the Buddhism makes it most beautiful flower in the World. According to the stories the blooming is in indications of reincarnation of Buddha, that’s why it looks very long 3000 years for blooming. Mr. Ding a farmer of China is one who was discovered this beautiful flower, which can be seen in China, Korea, Taiwan and US at rare times.
Kadupul Flower
Kadupul Flower - Most Beautiful Flowers in the World
This beautiful flower mainly found in the forests of Sri Lanka, which is very pleasant smelling flower and also most expensive flower in the World. Only some people got a chance to feel the amazing beauty of Kadupul Flower because it bloom only at midnight.
Campion - Most Beautiful Flowers in the World
The Campion is a very weak fragrance evening blooming flower with a short life period. It is mainly found in the territory of British called Gibraltar. Today’s Campion are found in botanical gardens of Gibraltar and London.

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