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Monday, 17 October 2016


Country Director of Global Peace Foundation in Tanzania Martha Nghambi talking to the youth and parents about the position of the parents in maintaining  peace in their family.

Director of Girls Development Agency (GIDA) Rahma Bendera introduce the topic about the position of young girls to the society.
The brilliant young girl from Tandale who also  have a dreams to become artist Zurpha Issa (12) asking questions to the Panelist on  how she can protect her self on her changes.
 The Panelist
One of the panelist Loveness Msuya educating on how young gils can stand for their dreams in order to achieve their goals 
Steven Mfuko contribute about the challanges of young Girls to enter into the adolescent time in early age.
Stella Francis Mganga one of the panelist discuss on how the new technology affect young generations. 
 The together Picture
Picture by  Fredy Njeje
Instagram: @fredynjejephotography

Every Month Tandale Youth Development Centre group together with Girls Development Agency(GIDA)  organize the forum for youth, the aim of this forum is to meet and discuss different issues that they faced on their ongoing life. In this month they discuss about the role of young girl in the society, the discussion were based mainly on helping young girls to know themselves, Challenges they face in their daily life and how to solve them also how they can stand with their goals and achieve them.

Also on that youth forum the Non-Organization Global Peace Foundation in Tanzania with their Country Director Martha Nghambi where given a chance to educate youth, parents and other stakeholders who where attended in forum about the position of parent in maintaining peace within the family, she emphasis that in order to maintain peace there should be good relationship from family level which include both parents and children’s if they understand it  will help to end up the conflicts and maintain peace,  also she emphasize that everyone has a role to make sure that there is peace and harmony.

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