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Sunday, 15 January 2017


Representative of Global Peace Foundation Mr. Benson Daud speaking about peace keeping to students.

Students from different school listening to GPF representative  Mr Benson Daud (who is not in this picture)
Students listening to Ward Councillor Mr. Doures Msinde (who is not in this picture) emphasizing youth to stop engaging in land conflicts. 
 The together photo

More than 150 youth from different places including, students of Butembo,Higabilo,Kinovelu primary School  and Bureza secondary schools together with ward Councillor of Bureza and teachers in Bureza ward which found in Muleba district, Kagera Region, had a coming together event that powered by Global Peace Foundation (GPF) with a major goal  of maintaining peace at the level of families and society in general.

Speaking with the students, representative  of GPF and a youth activist , Mr. Benson Daud, said that,  they decided to bring together young people aged between 13-21 years due to the fact that, they are mainly in a group that is affected by breach of the peace.

He also explained different problems that facing youth in Bureza ward including  absenteeism at school where the majority of boys goes into lake Victoria to attempt fishing issues with other unethical behaviors, teenage pregnancy  which are caused by motorcyclists business men known as 'bodaboda', parents deny school children and forcing them to involve in small business, those bad behaviors leads to conflicts that contribute to breach  of the peace due outbreak of misunderstanding among them.

Benson urged to parents and youth to abandon these things, as they do so there would be peace among them and live well in their communities.

The ward Councillor Mr. Deores Msinde advised every youth to be a role model in maintaining peace; he said that from what goes on within his ward where the young ones are at the forefront of breaching  the peace.

"for example in our ward there have been a crisis of land where farmers and pastoralist    conflicting to use   one area for agriculture and animal husbandry which brings conflicts where by  youth  fighting all the time while elders sitting beside " said Councillor Deores and asking youth to stop these things when the government is making efforts to solve these crisis.

Speaking at different times, youth have been pleased with that youth program run by the GPF and say that it will help to educate others about the importance of peace keeping.

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