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Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Representative of Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Tanzania Ms. Anna Mwalongo brings brief Introduction about the Organization.
Famous mentor from Tanzania Mr. Anthony Luvanda explain to the youth how they can fulfill their Dreams.
 Organizer of the Event and the Chairman of UNESCO youth Forum  Mr. Frank Joash explaining something on how students can be engaged in UN programs. 
Fulbright ambassador Mr. Jackson Ogonga discuss about scholarships
 Ms. Alice Norbert Raleigh alumni explaining to the students how they can join in different programs for volunteering in organizations.
 Ms. Bernice Fernandes sharing her experience on how she  get scholarship to study in USA
 One of the Student asking question to the speakers 
Speakers from left Frank Joash,Anthony Luvanda, Evance Exaud,Alice Norbert, Anna Mwalongo, Bernice Fernandes, Nelson Amar na Jackson Ogonga.
Speakers and students who attend the seminar 

Photos by Fredy Njeje

In order to make sure that youth are engaged in different activities and Programs of United Nations, UNESCO Youth Forum were prepared seminar for helping youth to know and understand the opportunities from UN, Peace keeping, scholarships and how they can be engaged in different programs from other organization by volunteering.
Speaking to the youth representative  Global Peace Foundation  (GPF) in Tanzania  Ms. Anna Mwalongo, she start by introducing  the organization  that it start Tanzania in the mid of 2015 and the headquarter is in Washington DC in  America with 23 branches around the World including Africa, Europe, Asia and America continent and its organization which is an International non-sectarian, non-partisan, nonprofit organization which promote, innovate, value based approach to peace building   and maintaining  peace from family level that guides by vision of One Family under God. That vision is simple yet profound idea that all people, regardless of race, Nationality, Religion or Culture are member of one family under one God.
"Also GPF engages and organizes a Global network of public and private-sector partners who develop community, national and regional peace building models as the foundation for ethical and cohesive societies." Said Ms. Anna
She add more information that In July 2015 Global Peace Foundation in Tanzania organized the big Conference about peace which took place in Zanzibar it was about Global peace leadership Conference (GPLC Zanzibar) the theme was “Promoting Peace Security and Sustainable Development in East Africa: A call to moral and innovative leadership” and the guest of honor was second vice president of Zanzibar Hon. Balozi Seif Ali and attended by former presidents from different countries. They also conducted the successful pre-election campaign named “AMANI KWANZA” to encourage peaceful participation of youth and women during General election 2015. She end up by added that currently GPF is in the process to expand their work portfolio to address critical issues of youth radicalization and violent extremism that gaining grounds in Tanzania Through “VIJANA NA AMANI” Campaign

On the other side Chairman of UNESCO Youth Forum Mr. Frank Joash who was the organizer of the event explained that the main objective of the seminar was to let the student to understand the opportunities from the UN programs and help them to know different ways of engaging.
Also Famous Mentor Mr. Anthony Luvanda emphasize that in order for someone to fulfill his or her dreams they should first know their talents and stick on it, he also advise them not to depend only on their job that they have but think beyond and start other issues.  
More than 196 students from University of Dar es salaam, NIT, DIT, DUCE,TIA and University of Bagamoyo together with other guests attend the Seminar which held at University of Bagamoyo

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