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Monday, 29 May 2017


Representative of Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Tanzania Mr.Nelson brings brief Introduction about the Organization and present the issue concerning peace and leadership.
Organizer of the Event and the Chairman of UNESCO youth Forum  Mr. Frank Joash explaining  on how students can be engaged in UN programs.
Youth Participant During the Seminar
Famous mentor from Tanzania Mr. Anthony Luvanda explain to the youth how they can fulfill their Dreams.
Ms. Alice Norbert Raleigh alumni explaining to the students how they can join in different programs for volunteering in organizations and it's benefit.
Fulbright ambassador Mr. Jackson Ogonga discuss about scholarships and how stundent can apply.
Mr. Charles Ndiku in his presentation expain to the students different ways of seeking for the Job
Chairman of Students Programs from Kampala International University Mr. William Peter addressing youth topic about be bold for change. 
 Youth taking note during the Seminar
 They rise their hand showing that they have understood
Youth  listening Careful during the seminar
Everyone is active
The together photo
All photos by Fredy Njeje

"A Good leader is the one who know about Moral Leadership in order to make sure that there is peace and harmony in the working station together with the workers " those are the words that spoken by representative of Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Tanzania Mr. Nelson during the seminar of engaging the youth to different programs of United Nations organized by UNESCO with the Collaboration of GPF  held at Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial University,Dar es salaam. 

He says that a Moral Leadership is the leader who effective and the one who is having ability to persuade others, “in order to be able to persuade others to follow a course of action, a leader must have personal integrity. If a man cannot be trusted, he cannot lead, for the populous will not be guided by someone in whom they have no confidence which will also help to maintain peace in working place.” Says Nelson

In continuation he says that Moral Leaders know how to manage themselves, how to temper their egos and how to act with nobility and rectitude. They are visionary and affect personal change. Moral Leaders also have a highly developed sense of emotional intelligence and master key social skills.

In addition Leaders are being challenged as to how ethical they are, in their conduct and behavior, in terms of goods and services produced, the society, customers, suppliers, employees and the whole ecosystem in which they operate.

He conclude by saying “ Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader who practices a lot about Moral Leadership because
He was successfully led nonviolent struggles against racial discrimination, economic and social exploitation and moral degradation, but we lack of leadership and role model today We need to look around ourselves and we will find modern day heroes in those leaders who believe in moral leadership. They may not be shouting from the roofs and leading large-scale ethical crusades”. This will help to have leaders who can keep peace in working places also we will have leaders who are not corrupt.

He says that one of the sweetest tongue of a leader is his/her is devotion towards peace promotion that leaders should not put their followers in fear life but they should exercise peace as one of the fundamental pillars.

"Peace Should be Maintained at any level starting from family,Community and national at large" Says Nelson and he also says that if there is war or any kind of peace distortion the society will not stay in peace also they will not do any activities that will contribute to the development.   

On the other side Chairman of UNESCO Youth Forum Mr. Frank Joash used that chance to share different opportunities that offered by UNESCO and let the student to understand the opportunities from the UN programs and help them to know different ways of engaging.

Also Famous Mentor Mr. Anthony Luvanda emphasize that in order for someone to fulfill his or her dreams they should first know their talents and stick on it, he also advise them not to depend only on their job that they have but think beyond and start other issues.  

More than 180 students from Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial University, CBE,TIA, St. Joseph University  and University of Bagamoyo together with other guests attend the Seminar which held at Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial University.

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