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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Haya ndiyo mambo matatu unayotakiwa kuyafanya pale utakapo kamatwa unafanya mapenzi na mtu ambaye sio mpenzi wako!

Imagine how you will react if your partner yanks the door open to find you pants down cheating on her on her/him. This not one of the best moments in life, isn’t it? According to the old players manual, the rule in this situation is deny deny deny. But how can you deny when you have been caught red handed. The following are ways to react when you have been caught cheating.

The first step is to prepare yourself psychologicallyThis you do before you even start cheating on your partner.  You must always put in cognisance the consequences of you actions to you relationship especially if you have faith in it. Most affairs come up as a result of yielding to temptation. Maybe your partner has a better looking or sexier friend that you just can’t resist or a hot guy or lady at the job everyone is talking about. Whatever the temptation just think of how it will effect on your relationship.

Be apologetic. This is the most common reaction that unfaithful partners take however don’t anticipate any apology to be accepted at least not for a couple of days, weeks or even a month or two. This will tell your partner that you have acknowledged your mistake and in spite of the affair, you still want to get together with her/him. While some partners may forgive and give you another chance, others partners pride just won’t allow them to stoop that low. So if you lucky to be forgiven count your blessings but be sure of trust issues when you reconcile.

Justify your cheating. The most effective way of justifying your cheating behaviour is by playing reverse psychology. When caught pants down, and your partner starts hurling all sought of verbal abuses or lamentations, hit back by playing the victim. Blame him/her for not being a better partner. Count out all his/her flaws, from not satisfying you in bed, not giving the relationship adequate time it needs, being a critic instead of supporting you, being so full of him/herself.  There are a number of excuses you can come up to justify your cheating. This can help you reconcile especially if your arguments are genuine and your partner sees them in him/herself.

The next step is so natural that it needn’t have to be stated. Even if you read and master this article a thousand times or any other players guide book out there, chances are you going to behave in the most bizarre natural matter that usually comes with the first instincts when caught red handed. You will become absent minded and most probably forget everything about these tips and start tripping which will sell you out. To avoid this, always read through your manual and play mockery game on how to react when caught cheating. With time you will perfect and be a natural.

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