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Saturday, 1 September 2012

And now: Who do LADIES LOVE..Bad Boys or Good Boys? check out

Good boys are the kind who never tell a lie to anybody in any situation, if someone wrongs him, he forgives, never starts trouble to anybody at any time and tries to attract others in as many ways as he can and shy away from drama.

Bad girls are the opposite. They are kind of girls who have a defiant sense of being, very controversial, always loosing their temper, a party animal, never shying away from any kind of drama and situation and the ones who can put up a fight with anyone any place anywhere without care.

One would imagine that this kind of girls would seek a guy with similar traits but contrary to popular believe; they have a weakness towards the good boys. The following are some of the reasons bad girls love the good boys.

Somebody to sit on

Bad girls don’t want somebody with a similar trait because that represents competition. Having a bad boy will mean that she is going to be humbled while she wants somebody who will bow down before her and who better than a good boy.

Very faithful

Since good boys are always being overlooked by other women, they always get little or no female attention. That means they don’t really have that opportunity to cheat on you. What’s more, you have less competition to deal with when it comes to good boys.

Test of discovery

With bad boys, you would usually be able to know everything outright since they pretty much tell you everything about them. With good boys, this may not be the case. They are more reserved and do not easily give information about themselves. You may need to pry it out of them, an exciting challenge for a lot of women.

Very sincere

With good boys not always having the chance to get into relationships since they tend to be overlooked by the opposite sex, they try to be more careful. This extends to what they say and do. And what they show is always their most sincere, not usually what most confident men are known to do.

Good listeners

Good boys don’t talk much. While it may be seen as a date with few conversations that come far and in between, there’s also a distinct advantage. Good boys are known to be good listeners. If you are a woman who complains about boyfriends and dates that do not listen, then good boys are the ones who you should be dating.

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