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Friday, 21 September 2012

Kijana huyu wa miaka 29 ambaye ana HIV/AIDS afungwa Jela miaka 16 baada ya Kumbaka mwanamke Kinguvu!

Human inhumanity you would say, well, this is a story of music producer, who was busy recording at the studio and a 29-year-old HIV-positive man, sneaked into the producer's wife room and raped her.

Ever since this ugly incident occurred, this music producer, Chitungwiza and his wife have been living in perpetual fear of the unknown. But yesterday, the rapist, who was later arrested was sentenced to an effective 16 years in prison.

"Tawanda forced open the door and stole cash amounting to US$580, a Samsung cellphone and various clothing items. After that, he went inside the bedroom with his gang where he forced himself on the producer’s wife before they went away. The woman told her husband what had happened and they reported the matter to the police," a source said

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