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Friday, 21 September 2012

Je wewe ni mpenzi wa kula Mishkaki na Sambusa za mitaani? : Jamaa akamatwa Live akiuza nyamba ya PUNDA akidai ni Ng'ombe... shuhudia

For those of us who like to patronize roadside sellers of meat, mutura and samosa, here is a reason to think twice – that meat you are buying might not only be unwholesome, it could be a Vulture’s.

Donkey meat is sold as cow meat; you can discern from the taste, texture and color of the meat. But what happens when you cannot tell the difference?

Vigilant residents of the city have apprehended a young man in the act of trapping vultures with local stimulant (snuff). While confessing of his crime, the man said he wanted to use them as roasted chicken for his business.

He also claimed that he has been in this roasted vulture business for a long time.

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