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Friday, 4 March 2016

#TECHNOLOGYNEWS: A year isolated in space preps astronaut for modern dinner manners

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Astronaut Scott Kelly spent a year in space, so you know he won't put up with your bad table manners. NASA

It's been a big year for Scott Kelly.
The NASA astronaut has spent the past year on the International Space Station with just a handful of human beings for company. In his time floating through the vast ocean of space, he cleaned up acid pee, took hundreds of photos that he shared over Twitter and conducted more than 400 investigations, like growing lettuce and flowers in zero gravity.

He also offered himself up as a lab rat, so that NASA could measure the effects of zero gravity on his body, and compare the results with parallel experiments conducted on his identical twin brother back on earth.
After more than 300 days in space, Kelly finally landed back on terra firma -- Kazakhstan to be precise -- on March 1. But even an astronaut faces the same problems as countless earth families, especially around the dinner table.

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