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Friday, 4 March 2016

#SOCIALMEDIANEWS : Facebook Reactions: What Marketers Need to Know

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Facebook Reactions for Fans

The new Facebook reactions work pretty easily for users. When users hover over a post’s Like button in the Facebook news feed, a personal profile timeline, or a Facebook page timeline, they will be able to choose from one of the new six Facebook reactions.
facebook reactions emoji
Facebook reactions on desktop.
Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief that Facebook reactions do not include a Dislike button. Hence, people cannot dislike your latest post (product, service, content, etc.). These reactions will simply allow expressions of like, love, laugh, wowed, saddened, or angered by your post.
The feature will work similarly for mobile users, but users will hold down the Like button instead of hovering over it.

facebook reactions emoji
Facebook reactions on mobile.
Some mobile app users have noted that you must restart or update your app to get the new feature to work. Others have had to log out of their account and log back in again.

Facebook Reactions for Pages

From a Facebook page admin perspective, a few things will change. For starters, you’ll see in your notifications that people are reacting to your posts instead of just liking them.
facebook reactions in notifications
Facebook reactions shown in notifications.
On the posts themselves, you’ll see an array of icons representing the different reactions that people have left on the post. On older posts, you’ll see the new icon that represents likes, and on newer posts, you’ll see all of the newer icons representing the different reactions that people have. People can also go back to older posts and add new reactions.
facebook reactions on a post
Facebook reactions shown on a post.
You can click on the link to see the breakdown of which fans had specific reactions so you can see who likes, loves, and has other feelings about your post.
facebook reactions details from a post
Facebook reactions details shown on a post.
Since page posts are public, it’s important to understand that everyone can see the breakdowns of Facebook reactions, including people who are not admins and not even fans of the page. This means that you can go to other pages and see the breakdowns of reactions on their posts as well.
This can be useful for competitor research as you can get a good feel for how people will react to specific types of content, status updates, and announcements – especially since you can get a quick summary of the reactions right at the top without having to scroll through the entire list.
facebook reactions details from a competitor post
Facebook reactions details shown on a competitor’s post.
Note that only Facebook page admins will see the Liked / Invite buttons. If you are not a page admin, you only see Add Friend / Follow buttons next to people’s names.
So far, Facebook reactions only work on the Like button for the main posts themselves, but not on comments. So don’t expect to react to comments anytime soon.
facebook comment with no reactions
Facebook reactions aren’t available on comments.
In terms of your Facebook page’s Insights, you can see the full breakdown of reactions for each of your posts by finding the post and clicking on it.
facebook reactions post engagement in insights
Facebook post engagement shown in Insights.
There, you can see the full post details, including the new Facebook reactions counts.

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