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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Patience Namadingo Dumps Bushiri, Turns Back To God: “Fools Are Those That Are Controlled By Those Who Have The Money”

Patience Namadingo, BushiriAfter literally exchanging his great talent with Prophet Bushiri’s money, Gospel music starlet Patience Namadingo has finally come to his senses and has since re-declared his allegiance to Jesus Christ alone.
For the past year also, Namadingo has been swimming in Bushiri monies, up to the extent of dumping Jesus Christ his creator, and turn himself into the flamboyant prophet’s praise worshiper. But apparently after asking himself a Biblical question: ‘what would benefit a man gaining the whole world but lose his very soul?’

Namadingo has publicly declared that money is not everything man need. Said Namadingo:

“We have heard that MONEY is power, who has it holds the POWER, school has taught us that we can control our money, the wise are those who control their money,fools are those that are controlled by.. be it their money or by those who have the money, Youngmen & old are on a rampage looking for money or i should say for this power, later on we will be asking one another “how much power do you have in your bank account” call it a power bank then, money has the wisdom of the world fooled, the fools made even to go beyond the lowest lavel of foolishness, IS THERE A POWER THAT IS GREATER THAN MONEY? I say yes!! After three days of guarding the grave the guards were knocked out by a POWER they could not hold against, the big heavy rock that they had used to cover the entrance of the grave was moved out of the way & Resurrection was made real…

“They used and they still do use their money to pay people to spread false news that resurrection had not happened but the power thats stronger than any currency came in the room in a form of fire and made them all that were afraid and worried speak in new tongues and removed their fear YES the power that made him ascend into heavens right before their very eyes..

“I’m writing to you Men of Malawi don’t chase money no more, money is not THE power, oh Yes I have tested it “u do not need to drink 2 cups of tea to know if it has sugar or not unless you are sick” Be hungry for the power that even money submits to, work hard in your fields, give your praise to no MAN nor WOMAN every kneel must bow before JESUS WHO WALKED ON THE SEA, ROSE FROM THE DEAD AND SEATS ON THE RIGHT HAND OF THE FATHER he alone is worth Your praises, fear 1 true God & his name is JEHOVAH, Blessed is the man that realises what real power is before his days come to an End.
Urs truly PATIENCE.” 


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