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Monday, 3 April 2017


Country Director of Global Peace foundation Tanzania (GPF) Martha Nghambi introducing the organization and talk about the importance of women in Leadership position.

 Some participant listening carefully to Director of GPF Tanzania Martha Nghambi (who is not in the picture)
 Hon.Sophia Mjema District commision of Ilala who was the guest of honor in the event of Women and Leadership organized by Vice President of DARUSO Shamira Mshangama bringing speech during the event.
 Organizer of the forum Vice President of DARUSO Shamira Mshangama introduce guests and bring brief introduction of the women and leadership forum.
 Director of Gender Centre , UDSM Dr. Kafanabo talking about gender and leadership during the event
Branch Manager of NMB PLC, UDSM Madam Rehema Mwibura insisting girls to concentrate on what they are doing and they can fit to any position in leadership.
 Former USRC Member  Yunge Kanuda emphasizing youth especially women that they have chance to be leaders in different positions
 Participants following different issues during the event 
 Country Director of GPF in Tanzania Madam Martha Nghambi(Right) listening representation during the event
Former speaker of USRC 2014/2015 Protus Petro Discussing about leadership
Former Vice President of DARUSO Irene Ishengoma also former participant during Maisha Plus 2016 discussing about different things concerning women's.
 Some participants asking some questions 
 Founder and President of UDSM Female students Association, following issues during the event
Group Photo
Participants during the forum

The Vice President of DARUSO Shamira Mshangama organized big event about women and leadership which took place at Nkurumah Hall, University of Dar es salaam aim of the event was  to discuss different things and  to make understanding for the women to know their role in leadership in different positions.

Speaking to the Congregation Country Director of Global Peace Foundation in Tanzania Madam Martha Nghambishe start by introducing the organization by saying   that "it start Tanzania in the mid of 2015 and the headquarter is in Washington DC in  America with 23 branches around the World including Africa, Europe, Asia and America continent and its organization which is an International non-sectarian, non-partisan, nonprofit organization which promote, innovate, value based approach to peace building   and maintaining  peace from family level that guides by vision of One Family under God. That vision is simple yet profound idea that all people, regardless of race, Nationality, Religion or Culture are member of one family under one God."

She also discuss the importance of women in different  leadership position and advice them to have their own role models whom they will help them to fulfill their dreams by following positive things,and to be frontier to make sure that they are trying there level best to try to be in the different position of leadership from low to high level

Also the Guest of honor for event of Women and Leadership District Commission of Ilala Hon. Sophia Mjema insist about peace, she says that in any place including life in school or working station if there is no peace and loving each other is very difficult to work, she insist people to love and help each other for them to work in good environment.   

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