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Thursday, 3 August 2017


 Country Director of World Food Program (WFP) in Tanzania Mr. Michael Danford explain into details about their strategic plans.

Mr. Bathuel Kinyori the owner of asking some  question during the Bloggers Lunch and Presentation held in New Africa Hotel Dar es salaam.
Country Director of WFP Mr. Michael Dunford responding to the questions asked by Bloggers. 
 Mr. Masasa Makwasa from WFP explains into details about the Farm Market Alliance program on how it work and help farmers
 Expert of Financial issues Miss Monica Joseph asking question about loans given to farmers and interest during the return of the loan
 Miss Alice Maro Communications Associate from WFP Tanzania explains into details some issues regarding to the organization.
 Managing Director of Koncept and owner of Mwanaharakati Mzalendo Blog Mr. Krants Mwantepele asking question and contribute some issues during workshop.
Bloggers during the workshop
 WFP workers during the Bloggers Lunch and Presentation
 Mr. Masasa Makwasa from WFP responding to some questions asked by Bloggers
The together picture between WFP workers and Bloggers
All photos by Fredy Njeje

World Food Programme (WFP) organization introduces their five strategic plans for four years from this year until 2021 that will make sure there is no more hunger in Tanzania.
 Speaking to the workshop that combine WFP and Journalist who Write in Online Platform (Bloggers), Country Director of WFP Tanzania Mr. Michael Danford announce the country strategic plan that are; Refugees and other acutely food insecure people in Tanzania are able to meet their basic food and nutrition requirements in times of crisis, Vulnerable population in prioritized districts have improved Nutritional status in line with national strategic by 2021, Targeted smallholders in prioritized districts will have increased access to agricultural market by 2030,Disaster Managements and social protection system in Tanzania reliably address the basic food and nutrition needs of the poorest and most food insecure population throughout the year including in time of crisis and WFP and Partners in Tanzania and beyond are facilitated to foster the rest,refine and scale up innovation that contributes the achievement of SDG by 2030.

He explain how they are going to make sure there strategic plans are working properly by providing funds to refugees 400,000 for them to get their daily need and increase their income base.   

"They are more advantage of using money than food to refugee because in every one dollar will help to strength the economy of the country because there will be foreign currency" Said Mr. Michael

He also said that, WFP together with other stake holders will educate small holder farmers on the issues of climate changes and help them to get reliable Market.

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